BRAT by Bobbi Kay

BRAT brought me back to a time and place I’d almost forgotten. Bobbi Kay has captured much of what I’ve seen and felt while serving first as a USAF and then a commercial airline pilot. Belamie’s is a great adventure, and this is an excellent book!”

– Col. Bruce Taylor, United States Air Force

“Bobbi Kay captures the tumultuous youth and coming of age of Belamie McConnell. A must read if you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s!”

– E. Joy Heckendorf, Fmr. Senior V.P. of Transamerica

“BRAT is a nostalgic and engaging look into the past. Bobbi Kay has created a story and a heroine that will capture readers… I can’t wait to read more of Belamie’s adventures.”

– Robert B Davis, Author of Rasheka

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Belamie’s Beginnings

Military brat Belamie’s story takes her all over the world, as she faces dangers in foreign and unfamiliar countries, learns to adapt wherever she lives, and experiences again and again the pain of leaving her loved ones behind. At home everywhere but belonging nowhere, this is Belamie’s world.

BRAT was conceived on the back of a Harley Road King, riding to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit family. Drawing heavily from the Author’s experiences as a military child, BRAT is only the beginning of Belamie’s tale. Look for THE BIKER’S WIFE, a second novel starring Belamie, coming soon.

Be sure to check for the latest news on Bobbi Kay, such as live reading and book signing dates, interviews, and the author’s own thoughts, as well as the further discussion of BRAT, and perhaps a sneak peak or two of the next chapter in Belamie’s story, the upcoming THE BIKER’S WIFE.


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