We are enjoying  Burger Saturday at Bono’s BBQ. Nick and I share our tradition this snowy December afternoon with Beau, Austin and Blakey.

Blake calls me from the hospital, Elise is in labor. Oh my gosh, I’m going to be a Grandma!

I feel many emotions, my heart pounds, palms are sweaty, pretty much as when I gave birth to Blake, July 4th,1984, 11:58pm, induced after fifteen hours to have him here for the holiday.

The night is long, the waiting room chairs uncomfortable. Elise’s mom and dad are visibly anxious, soon we run out of conversation and try to sleep.

In the wee hours of December 27, 2009, Blake and Elise welcome precious Kylee, born 5:15am.

This year my beautiful Granddaughter turns five. I wait for the day when she realizes her birthday is between Christmas and New Years. I for one will not be combining presents.


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