Preparing for a Death

Mom went into Hospice care, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s  claiming completeness  of her body and mind.  My beautiful mother is a shell, unable to eat because simple acts of chewing or swallowing have been crippled.   Her movements are seldom, her rapid weight loss shocking .

I pray I don’t remember her this way, diving into more pleasant thoughts of a vibrant, loving, fun, truly the most kindest human being I have ever known.

I pray God in his divine mercy takes her swiftly to be with ones who wait patiently for her arrival.

I pray my family will be strong.

I pray she is in no pain as she is unable to speak or show emotion.

I pray I was a good daughter and that she knows how much I love her.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for a Death

  1. Dear Bobbi, I am sure on some level your mother knows how much you love her and that your prayers can also be heard on some level too. Would you like her to be put on the list for spiritual healing in our Ambassador for the Light of Archangels next meeting? See my Facebook page, you may like to join in from afar too! I have traveled to Colorado and seen the Land of the Gods too, you are blessed to lived in Colorado.
    Love and Light from Lorraine.


  2. Bobbi!! I have been sending up so many prayers for you and your momma…
    As I watched 3 major family members pass in the last 5 years I have learned a few things for sure. #1: They know I loved them deeply. #2: They were right with God, as they were peaceful. #3: I will always remember my loved ones in their best and worst… What has made it bearable for me is the the peace that only God can give, I have received. I remember them mostly when they smiled at me. I pray its the same for you sweetheart! Keep writing my dear friend. Love you!


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