The Two V’s

       I was a vegitarian for many years, mostly when my boys were growing up and in elementary.  My youngest son Beau attended second grade at the time and one morning running late as usual, he  informed me  of a homework assignment due that day.  He needed to  interview me and stand in front of the class.  Being  notorious for last minute requests, I lovingly informed him he could ask me  the questions on the drive to school.   The interogation was basic.  What did I do for work?  What is my favorite food?   What is my favorite color?  What is my favorite holiday?  And so on. 

     In the afternoon at work, I get a call from Beau’s teacher.  She was very serious so I took the call in the breakroom.  The conversation went like this:

“Beau stood up to do his report about you today.  He is such a sweet and very smart young man but he’s a little mixed up.  (Really?)   I thought you should be aware of.. well let me tell you..  his opening line and the title of his  paper.. ( pause)

                                    My mom is a virgin, she doesn’t eat meat.