Dress Up

When did dressing up to go out become a chore or too much trouble? I can’t count the times my husband and I have gone out to dinner or brunch, and I am taken back by the way people decide to go out in public. Don’t they have a mirror? Or better yet, pride in their appearance? Am I missing something? I love the chance to dress up and going out to eat is one of them. When I see girls walking in a three star eatery dressed in pajama bottoms and slippers I just want to scream. Or the men supporting severely sagging pants with wide stances and the occasional thumb pull up. It is hilarious watching them go to a salad bar trying to manuever filling up their plates while keeping their pants pulled up all at the same time.

Case in point: Rodizio Grill downtown for a Christmas party dinner. Very nice establishment, abundance of good food, well dressed and trained wait staff, and half of the patrons are dressed like street bums. I counted one pair of flip-flops (This is also winter.. people), two pairs of pj bottoms , three pairs of slippers (one fluffy dirty pink pair), three baseball hats, one person with sunglasses on the top of his head, five people with uncombed hair, one torn t-shirt, and an animal snow hat complete with long attached gloves which was never removed the entire dinner. I saw at least three people who had chosen not to bathe, one guy who covered up his body odor with some awful cologne. I was lucky enough to be seated directly across from the table from a lady who felt comfortable in old spandex leggings and a sloppy oversized man t-shirt..

Not counting the families that let babies scream or allow young children to run around the resturaunt like un civilized banshies… but that’s another blog.

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