I haven’t been Downtown Denver since my husband’s Christmas party, so when I came up over the Colfax exit this morning, the view was so astoundingly beautiful, I had to catch my breath.  

     I’ve worked in the heart of this city for many years , I know the beauty is abundant and the pictures are amazing.  But when  you look closer, there are countless number of homeless, cold, hungry, with no place to stay.  I used to watch them from my window at work.  Sometimes I’d  give one a sandwich, or a bottle of water from my lunch.  The puppies probably bother me the most.  They are used by these unfortunates to get more money, to grasp and dig into our sympathies. Usually underfed, some weighted down with backpacks, these simple creatures hold no grudge to their owners. A few of the panhandlers simply went into a bad situation, already owning the pet,  but the ones who get the little pups for their own gain, then discard them like they were trash, angers me to no end.

     “You can’t save everybody.” My husband’s well meaning, intelligent words are kind and I know it’s true.  

    Departing my meeting, running out to my car, dodging the snow flakes,  I encountered a  homeless woman with a grocery cart.  She tugged the overloaded basket from the front, inching the wheels over the ice crusted sidewalk, getting stuck besides my car. I pushed the basket from the back to help her.  She thanked me with a nod of her head, turned around and continued on.  I sat in my car  watching her continuous struggle, and immediately started fishing in all the compartments for loose change.

    I know I can’t save the world, but I have a good start don’t you think?Image




Dress Up

When did dressing up to go out become a chore or too much trouble? I can’t count the times my husband and I have gone out to dinner or brunch, and I am taken back by the way people decide to go out in public. Don’t they have a mirror? Or better yet, pride in their appearance? Am I missing something? I love the chance to dress up and going out to eat is one of them. When I see girls walking in a three star eatery dressed in pajama bottoms and slippers I just want to scream. Or the men supporting severely sagging pants with wide stances and the occasional thumb pull up. It is hilarious watching them go to a salad bar trying to manuever filling up their plates while keeping their pants pulled up all at the same time.

Case in point: Rodizio Grill downtown for a Christmas party dinner. Very nice establishment, abundance of good food, well dressed and trained wait staff, and half of the patrons are dressed like street bums. I counted one pair of flip-flops (This is also winter.. people), two pairs of pj bottoms , three pairs of slippers (one fluffy dirty pink pair), three baseball hats, one person with sunglasses on the top of his head, five people with uncombed hair, one torn t-shirt, and an animal snow hat complete with long attached gloves which was never removed the entire dinner. I saw at least three people who had chosen not to bathe, one guy who covered up his body odor with some awful cologne. I was lucky enough to be seated directly across from the table from a lady who felt comfortable in old spandex leggings and a sloppy oversized man t-shirt..

Not counting the families that let babies scream or allow young children to run around the resturaunt like un civilized banshies… but that’s another blog.


Friday morning proves to be lazy after the last couple 3am wake ups. My critics and I will take full advantage of the quiet, relax and have a late breakfast.
Although.. a large cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer sounds irresistible and I can relax just fine while writing at my desk.